The candle burns, the hot wax melting onto my hand. I am lost. The light is all I have to guide me. But it won’t last me long. I know it won’t. 

Hope is what happens when the present does not suffice. It’s a mere bubble that one creates around oneself when they are too scared by the real world. But bubbles pop in split seconds… and so does hope, because it is just an excuse of a feeling.

Many fall prey to this emotion that eats at you, and feeds off of you until hope is all you have left. It brings you up to the summit and then throws you down to the ground with a snap of a finger. It’s like a mistress. It feels amazing to have but a constant fear of being discovered haunts you.

I sail in a river full of shattered dreams and lost hopes. There is no wind to push me forward. A stone hand holds mine and frozen eyes look past me. Oh, what I would give to thaw them. But here goes another drop in the river, which will soon meet an ocean.  And here I am lost.

It is dark- the candle my only lifeline. But it burns me, and I know it’s time to let go. It won’t have lasted me long anyway.