I am eighteen, relatively young.

At times I feel invincible

Like everything is within reach

But those times are rare.

Mostly, I just fear.

I fear that like the wind, that blew my hair

Into my face and made me want to

Scream into the vast roar

And let my voice be big as

The wind the blew,

My good days are past me.

The high that I wanted my life to be

Is gone. And that is life.

I fear that I am lost,

That life is a labyrinth

Closing in on me.

Testing me…

Only, there is no way to pass this test.

I fear that there is no way out

And claustrophobically

I am stuck.

There is darkness

There is vacuum

And there is me holding my breath.

I fear that I fear too much.

I fear that it’s not enough.