unwritten_memories_book_background_blank_hd-wallpaper-1855855I have wanted to put words to paper

To see how the lines taper

Down to a certain thinness

And appeal to you with some finesse.

I may have written a million word,

And this may sound a little absurd,

But this one is for you, who reads

But won’t understand where it leads.

I wrote what I wrote in hopes you’ll get it

And through some indirectness, maybe respect it.

You’ll think about it before you sleep,

Because I can’t be anymore indiscreet.

The window’s open, now’s the time:

Wait for tomorrow and I’m denying

This was even written by me,

I’ll surprise you with my honesty

(Or lack thereof, in this situation)

So rid me of these complications.

Now, please will you read and maybe listen

To all this stuff I’ve left unwritten?