You know, there have been times

When I have shed a tear or two

Listening to songs sublime.

But I’ll tell you now

Like I tell myself

These are not my tears to cry.

I have had times when I looked at you

And longed for one look back.

And now that you do

With eyes a little blue

I’ll wipe them back to black.

I will hold you till you need me

And save you one last sigh.

I know what you are thinking

Why the rapid blinking?

They are not my tears to cry.

My nose may turn just a little red

But you don’t know how hard I’ll try,

My eyes may be wet

My cheeks haven’t met

The tears I just won’t cry.

You know I’d do what it takes

To bring back that playful smile

But my eyes won’t bleed

A single seed

Of sorrow that isn’t mine.


Those tears you saved for so long?

They will be replaced in time.

I’m saving mine for my own grief

This one just isn’t mine.